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Hey guys, so I'm a little bit late with it this year, but I finally got around to doing holiday cards. I've sent out the first batch today, with another set going out hopefully tomorrow or Monday.

Here's who I sent things out to today:
- [personal profile] avia
- [livejournal.com profile] clemsblueruins
- [personal profile] mortalcity
- [personal profile] rubyprism
- [personal profile] tangyabominy
- [personal profile] thatrainbow
- [personal profile] whatawaytoburn

Coming soon:
- [livejournal.com profile] viridian5
- [personal profile] yetregressing

If you're not on that list and want a card, drop me a comment with your name and address! (Comments on this post are screened to protect personal information.)
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Thanksgiving has passed, so it is now officially the Holiday Season! Since I am going to be out of town starting the 15th, I would like to get started on my cards early this year.

Therefore, if you'd like to receive a card from me in the mail, please leave:

1) a name you would like me to address the card to
2) an address (obviously)
3) specify whether you would like to receive a:
a) Christmas card
b) other holiday card (please specify)
c) general winter-themed card

If you don't specify, you're going to get a "whatever kind of card I have on hand" card, which may or may not be for a holiday you celebrate.

Comments are screened to protect your privacy. (Let me know if I botched it!)

Bonus offer for RP folk: If you would like any of my characters to write a note to your characters, let me know and I will include one.


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