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So. Being out of school right now, I have a lot more free time, so I've recently discovered the wonder that are TV dramas. I always forget how much I love visual storytelling media until I come back to it.

Thus, I am asking for recs! I really haven't ever been a big TV watcher and my life got really busy after I got into high school, so I've missed just about every big show that's come out since about the year 2000.

Here's the pitifully short list:
Torchwood (S1 & S2) - Love the characters, but the show itself is actually kind of painful to watch. Mostly I get my fix on this through fanfic.
White Collar (up to current episode) - My current obsession (just ask [personal profile] whatawaytoburn)
Chicago Code (up to current episode) - New show, but the first two episodes have been good so far. My headcanon says this show is taking place in an alt!Rift.
Castle (parts of S3) - Liked what I've seen so far
Stargate SG-1 (whichever episodes Riley happened to be watching when I was around)
random anime

As you can see...that's really not a lot, and I'd like to fix that. So, feel free to rec just about anything you like!

Generally, the things I like:
- Strong partner/team dynamics
- Good character development
- Strong female characters
- Snark!
-Good costume/set design

Things I don't like:
- Overly sexy/shippy shows. I don't mind if characters develop romantic feelings for one another or even get together, if it's done well. I don't like it when the show starts to revolve around that romance to the exclusion of other plots or if the producers feel they need to throw in make-out scenes every other episode to up the sexiness factor.
- Bad science. Getting the technobabble wrong is one of the fastest ways to throw me out of a show. I'll take vague but correct any day. Forensics shows are notoriously bad with this.
- Sitcoms, or anything else that tries too hard to be funny. This is not to say that everything has to be SRS DRAMA all the time, but I've got a very dry sense of humor so less is generally better with me.


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